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How our lifestyles are affecting our Furniture Selection – Metro vs Provincial

By Tina Stephen

With urban dwelling increasing rapidly to encompass a large proportion of our population, the way we live is being reshaped due to factors such as smaller living spaces, digital sharing and urban landscaping (especially in the bigger cities, where apartment building and construction is happening constantly).

For the most part we are embracing changes and it is becoming the status quo, for example apartments are becoming more desirable, councils are embracing public transport and urban landscaping, and there is a trend for small space living and living with less.  These trends are not at the detriment to quality, with a growing interest in how purchases for the home can enhance your lifestyle, and there is a focus on buying once and buying right.

It was important therefore, that La-Z-Boy created a diverse range of offerings to suit both the changing urban landscape, but also continue to provide for those on lifestyle properties and bigger rural homes.

Roomie_Morgan_Metro vs Provincial-james

The James is one example, of providing a contemporary recliner ideal for metro living. It provides you with an inviting bucket style seat and chaise leg-rest that gives plenty of support and stitched pillow back and pillow – all the features of ultra-comfort with the perfect balance of quality, style and size.

The James recliner is refined and streamlined, available in a range of neutral colours and fabrics to integrate into a contemporary home or apartment, yet provide the sort after comfort which La-Z-Boy is renowned for.

On the flip side of urbanisation, we are also seeing a growing trend for families and retirees escaping the city and all its trappings to live a more slow-paced, rural lifestyle. Those with heritage and history in rural areas will already be acquainted with the abundance of space and serenity, and rural home design reflects this.

Larger farm houses lend themselves to separate spaces, rather than open plan living popular in urban homes and apartments, and modular furniture capable of handling extended families is a must for rural homes.

Roomie_Morgan_Metro vs Provincial-quattro

The Quattro is a robust corner suite, not shy on size but strong on the La-Z-Boy offer of quality, timeless furniture. Perfectly suited to a media room or separate lounge, the Quattro is uber comfortable and can fit the whole family, teenagers and grandkids alike, without compromising on personal comfort. Available in La-Z-Boy’s signature fabrics to stand the test of time both aesthetically and practically.


Throwing a curve ball at the traditional notion of La-Z-Boy and making a move into more apartment ready modular furniture, the Sorento and Chicago ranges both nod to a modern era, where Scandinavian aesthetic reigns supreme. Both the Chicago and Sorrento ranges focus on paired back streamlined forms which integrate into your interior rather than dominate it, making them perfect for a contemporary home, without having to compromise on quality and comfort. The versatile fabric and leg options mean you can have a bespoke design and configuration suited specifically to your lifestyle and space.

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