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Spring is in the air!


Spring is the season, where everything seems to be waking up. September is a great time to refresh and ready your home for longer days and warmer temperatures, bringing a distinct feeling of warmth in the air. With the sun shining, the fresh air flowing in, make your spring cleaning a priority. Over the coming days we have some great tips to get you started, and spring ready!

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Tips for caring for your timber

  • Dust regularly.
  • Remove fluids / spills promptly with a dry cloth or paper towel. Then simply wipe with a slightly damp clean cloth and dry with a soft buffing cloth.
  • Timber surfaces and coatings are not heat proof, so heat resistant placemats should be used for hot beverages and dishes.
  • Extreme sunlight can be hazardous to your furniture. When exposed to high levels of light in well-lit rooms, your timber may fade over time.
  • Do not apply waxes or polish to the furniture, as this builds up over time and dulls that finish.

Stay tuned for our next to spring cleaning tip!

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