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Splashes of Colour! Choices for your Lounge Suite

By Tina Stephen

Colour is something that can make or break a space. It can add depth and flair to a room and showcase the homeowners personality. However, many people shy away from colour when choosing a lounge suite or designing a room because they don’t have the confidence to use it correctly. By following the tips and tricks below, you can feel at ease when using colour in your lounge or living room.

Colourful Option (Red):

Integrating a strong colour like red on your sofa requires a balance of neutral tones, both light and dark. Your sofa is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in your living room, so making it the hero piece with a bright colour or bold pattern is an intrinsic statement. Contrasting a coloured sofa (like the La-Z-Boy Rio in red)  against a dark charcoal wall adds depth and is perfect for cosy spaces such as media rooms and lounges, whereas using a backdrop of bright, fresh white tones will enliven a family room or open plan living. Pairing this with a healthy selection of natural timbers – oak, rimu or walnut, plus several textural elements such as sheepskin, wool and linen, will create a balanced interior which incorporates your statement sofa.

Roomie_Morgan_Colour Red[2]

Colourful Option (Teal): 

A leather sofa in a dark neutral such as teal or black (like the Harbor Town suite), can be paired with a similar dark feature wall and large area rug where small homewares can then shine and make a huge impact to the look and feel of a room. Similarly, a light sofa paired with soft bone white and washed oak can create a calm and soothing aesthetic for a Scandinavian or coastal décor style.


Keeping it Neutral:

Purchasing a neutral sofa is often a safe decision, but it is also a smart choice to future proof your investment if you want to be less risky with your purchase. It is likely that a sofa is the biggest investment in your living space, and getting it right often starts with neutral and versatile fabric. When paired with similar interior colours, such as paint and flooring, it can provide a canvas for colour or seasonal changes, and allows other statement pieces to take centre stage such as art or soft furnishings.

Hopefully you have confidence now to choose colour. However, whatever colour you choose to use, ensure you have fun with it! It is all about enjoying the time you spend on your lounge suite and in your space.

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