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Winter Trends – Monochrome vs Pops of Colour

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By Tina Stephen

Winter always evokes a sense of change and creates a focus on layered textures and darker colour palettes. Keeping warm and cosy is front of mind, but there is no reason not to be stylish as well!

Two popular trends this winter that will ensure you are warm and stylish, are ‘Monochromatic’ and ‘Pops of Colour’ themed designs.


Monochromatic doesn’t have to be just black and white. If we focus on the more classical style of the La-Z-Boy Westminster collection and add heritage colours such as Dulux Miramar and Punga Cove – (soft mid olive and chocolates with warm wood tones) we can add depth to a room and soften the harshness of monochromatic furniture. Accessories play a part in the story of winter and are a quick solution to changing the space for the season.  Layered furs and velvet cushions in soft natural colours adds colour and texture without harsh or bright colours.

Roomie_Morgan_Winter Trends 02[1]

4 tips for achieving a warm and inviting monochromatic room this winter:

  • Look for texture rather than colour (like the above rug and cushions)
  • Don’t be afraid of darker colour it can make a room feel more intimate and is the perfect backdrop to contrast with lighter furniture
  • Adding house plants is a quick way to add a fresh colour and bring the outside in during the winter months
  • Use natural elements to add interest to the room (think candles and accessories in natural tones and materials)

Pops of Colour

Bright pops of colour in bold choices help enliven rooms. By choosing wild or outspoken colour palettes is the perfect partner to the trending Scandinavian style. Clean white colour-ways with a hint of grey, like Dulux Mt Aspiring and pale wooden furniture from the La-Z-Boy Mason Collection offer a launchpad for brighter bolder furniture choices to be matched. Teaming this with retro inspired homewares and lighting for a fun and unexpected scheme creates ‘personality plus’.

Roomie_Morgan_Winter Trends_01[1]

4 tips for a bright and bold room this winter:

  • Look for unexpected colour combinations and add colour through soft furnishings and artwork
  • Offset bright furniture choices such as red or blue (like the above La-Z-Boy Prague modular), with clean and simple monochromatic occasional furniture – this creates interest and balance
  • Bright’s and bolds in your accessories such as teal, yellow and reds can be offset with a combination of white, black and grey (such as the above cushions)
  • Use retro shapes such as lighting or planters to add a playful element to the space

Winter is about feeling warmth and comfort, despite the cold and bleak weather. Both themes will achieve this in their own way, its all about finding a style you connect with and going for it!




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