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Simple Guidelines for Accessorising Your Home!

Written by Tina Stephen

Accessorising can really bring a space alive. Here are some simple guidelines to achieving a cohesive and uncluttered space in your home. Before we start, it is important to have a clear idea of the type of style you would like to achieve. Keep a journal or Pinterest board of items that catch your eye in magazines and online and soon your style or trend will emerge.

Guideline One – Use streamlined furniture that suits your interior space, then layer with contrasting fabrics. For example the below image demonstrates that a dark leather sofa like the La-Z-Boy Florence sofa works well with soft linen fabrics, sheepskin, cork or cotton to help soften the aesthetic and create balance in the textures. Add warmth with wooden occasional furniture and don’t be afraid to mix styles. A light Scandinavian wood finish (like the Mason Coffee Table) can work well with a darker and more traditional leather sofa.

Roomie_Morgan_LEATHER AU

Guideline 2 – Choose a colour palette based on 3 main colours within the same family. A light, mid and a dark variation of the same colour works well, especially with the addition of two feature colours or finishes. For example choose a light, mid and dark grey colour and then contrast it with mustard and navy accents as your second and third colour. The below image showcases this well with the light grey of the La-Z-Boy Prague sofa and mid and darker greys used in the cushions and throw. Mustard and deep blue are seen contrasted in the pictures behind.

Guideline 3 – Continue themes throughout your home tying it together with a common thread, such as a feature paint colour. Choosing feature colours based on a favourite piece of art or fabric ensures a less contrived outcome and gives the colour a context in the space. Remember to start slowly – less is more to begin with.

Guideline 4 – Unless you have a clever eye for balancing interior schemes, mixing different styles together in one room can be difficult. Instead, select pieces that have common elements so that they work well together. For example if you want to include eclectic pieces in your home, then find a common element for the rooms to share like a basic colour palette or design aesthetic i.e country or contemporary. While mixing different styles doesn’t work, neither does matching every single piece in the room. If you have a matching sofa set, try adding in a few other splashes of colour to break it up such as a brightly coloured ottoman (like the La-Z-Boy Harrow Footstool).


Guideline 5 – Keep the interior fresh with an element of surprise. Add a pop of unexpected colour in a neutral room which can be easily updated when you need a change (again the La-Z-Boy Harrow Footstool works well)

Guideline 6 – Avoid buying homewares on a whim and spend time considering how they will work together.

Guideline 7 – Introducing a large rug can create a sense of balance to a room creating a zone in a larger space and making a small space feel more complete. Ensure your rug is big enough to tuck under all your lounge furniture so no pieces are left ‘floating’ outside the rug area. Using your rug as a neutral base to pull the elements of the room together can work well, as can adding a pop of pattern or colour to a neutral room.

A quick summary:

Guideline 1 – Choose a piece of furniture i.e. a sofa and layer with contrasting fabric (leather sofa with soft linens). This will give your space depth.

Guideline 2 – Choose a colour palette based on 3 main colours. One of those colours should be a base colour i.e grey and use variations of that (light, mid and dark) and then add 2 complentry colours i.e. blue and mustard.

Guideline 3 – Continue themes throughout the house i.e. a feature paint colour.

Guideline 4 – Select accessories that have common elements that work together i.e. similar colour palette or theme.

Guideline 5 – Keep an element of surprise i.e. a pop of colour on a piece of furniture

Guideline 6 – Don’t buy homewares on a wim!

Guideline 7 – Introduce a rug that will pull elements of your room together.

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