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5 Rules when choosing Suites vs Individual pieces…

Written by Tina Stephen

When choosing furniture for a living area or lounge there are several points to consider to ensure a cohesive and well thought out space.

Rule One: When considering a suite vs piece of furniture (as a stand‐alone items), take time to consider how it will relate to the space, and also how it will integrate with your existing homewares.

Rule Two: The size of the furniture is the next obvious step. This is where you need to calculate where and how the furniture will be positioned ensuring ample space for accessories and occasional furniture. If you have a smaller space or you already have a sofa that you like, it may be worth contemplating individual pieces rather than a suite. You may want to add or update your occasional chairs, which allows for a more casual arrangement. This is also a good option for couples wanting to incorporate two arm chairs, but still have seating for family and guests.

Rule Three: If you are looking for individual pieces within the same family of furniture – for example a more streamlined sofa like the Chicago from the Urban Attitudes range, and the Urban Attitudes Bayview chair, seek fabrics which complement in colour depth and don’t be afraid to mix and match pattern or colour for an eclectic style. A block coloured sofa would work well with a patterned set of occasional chairs, as in Scenario One below. Add occasional furniture to this such as small side tables and lamps to create interest and balance to the space.

Scenario One (Individual Pieces)

Roomie_Morgan_Option Two_Individual_revised05_05

  1. Mason TV unit
  2. Chicago Modular
  3. Mason Dining table
  4. Mason Dining chair
  5. Mason Console table
  6. Bayview chair

Rule Four: If your preference is for a matching suite, then balancing the room with the placement is also important. The layout below (Scenario Two) using the Columbus allows the open plan space to be divided into two individual areas, and gives the gap between dining and living a context when matched with a console behind the sofa.

Rule Five: When featuring a suite, ensure the room does not become too formal and structured by adding homewares such as cushions, rugs and artwork which complement one another vs matching or following one set style or colour.

Scenario Two (Suites)

Roomie_Morgan_Option One_Suite_revised05_05

  1. Simpson TV unit
  2. Columbus 3 Seater
  3. Simpson Dining chair
  4. Simpson Dining table
  5. Columbus 2.5 Seater
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