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3 Exciting Design Trends to Watch in 2016

We are now full swing into 2016 and with autumn just around the corner, it is the perfect time to review what is trending in interior design this year. 3 exciting themes are standing out, from the light hues of the 2016 Pantone colours of the year (Rose Quartz and Serenity (blue)) to the bold contrasting design of geometric fabrics and colour blocking, this year is set to be an exciting time in interiors.

1. Geometry/Organics – Last year we saw geometric tiles become a trendy addition in both bathroom and kitchen spaces. This trend has continued into 2016 through textile design, with cushions and blankets also featuring geometric shapes. As we move towards the colder months, you will also start to see the boldness of the geometric prints paired with organic materials to provide a softness and create a sense of depth and warmth. To re-create this look in your home, La-Z-Boy suggests the Columbus sofa (brown leather) with a geometric cushion and the textural elements of a jute rug and comfy throw….cosy yet stylish (especially as winter approaches!)


2. Colour Blocking – A popular trend at the moment and a nod to the 1960’s, is to contrast primary colours in furniture and home decor. Building on this trend, has been the recent addition of pastel colours. The beauty of colour blocking, is that no matter what palette you choose to contrast, it will surely provide a vibrant and happy space in your home. To re-create this look in your home, La-Z-Boy suggests using the new Urban Attitudes range. Try the Chicago chair in Victoria Quince (fabric) a relaxing lemon and the Chicago sofa in Victoria Saragossa (fabric) a soft teal, combined with a rug or cushion that pulls out elements or tones of these, and you will be certainly create a fun and vibrant space.


3. Pantone Colours 2016 – Every year Pantone, a market leader and authority on colour and colour systems releases a colour/s that set the tone for the year. This year, for the first time ever, two colours were chosen – Rose Quartz and Serenity (Blue). Showing balance with the warmth of the Rose Quartz and tranquility of the Serenity, a sense of peace is demonstrated. To re-create this look at home, La-Z-Boy suggests using accessories in the Pantone colour tones, and matching it with the soft grey of the La-Z-Boy Athens sofa, and you will create an inspired yet calming space.


Whether you enjoy bold and contrasting design or like the serenity of a softer space, 2016 design trends have something for everyone and that makes it an exciting time to re-decorate and be inspired.

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