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Top 5 Tips to Achieve a Light & Airy or Dark & Moody Living space!

Written by Tina Stephen.

Achieving a light and airy living space requires each element to be considered for its contribution to the entire room, to keep a sense of calm and order.

Here are our top 5 Tips to achieve this:

  1. Ensure heavy materials and patterns are avoided – Focus on a natural selection of cotton and linens with soft, organic patterns and pastel colourways
  2. Opt for ash or honeyed wood tones as opposed to dark cherry wood finishes – Don’t be afraid to mix lighter wood finishes for a more modern aesthetic
  3. Embrace negative space – Don’t clutter the room with unnecessary items or too many ‘knick-knacks’.
  4. To display special items – Choose a designated area like a bespoke shelf, vintage cabinet or a sideboard
  5. Choose furniture to stand the test of time – Invest in quality pieces rather than spending on’ throw away’ homewares.

You can achieve this look incorporating select pieces from the La-z-boy range!

Lazboy Light Room_01_AustraliaThe La-z-boy Sorrento Push Back Chair in a soft pastel patterned fabric, provides a modern, Scandinavian style shape. This, teamed with the Retro Sideboard in Tasmanian Oak, lays the foundation for a calm and pared-back living space.

Look for soft and understated paint colours in pastel hues, similar to Resene Butter and soft grey-white tones such as Resene Thorndon Cream These elements can be complemented by monochromatic homewares in natural colour ways and textures.

To achieve a dark and moody ambience in a room it is important to be confident in your colour and furniture choices. A dark room is a brave choice for any home, but can result in a warm, inviting space, which complements and contrast other lighter parts of your home.

Here are our 5 top tips to achieve this:

  1. Choose quality fabrics and textures – These will then achieve a natural patina with use over time
  2. Mix and match leather, copper and velvet – These will all add a depth of texture and warmth
  3. Avoid cool based colours – Look for chalky, warm charcoal, olive and navy hues
  4. Add small accents – A vase or framed painting in a soft, bright white, which contrasts the darker hues and makes them ‘pop’
  5. Choose ash and oak wood finishes for a more modern edge – Mix this with vintage style pieces for an eclectic aesthetic
    Lazboy Dark Room_01_ AustraliaYou can achieve this look by incorporating select pieces from the La-Z-Boy range. The classic styling of the Westbury Chair and Ottoman in chocolate leather with tufted back and classic Chesterfield style is the perfect piece to begin styling a darker room. It is a stand alone piece of furniture which you can team with a more eclectic choice of complimentary furniture, such as the Seattle Sofa and the Retro Sideboard. Look for hues such as Resene Explorer, a dark, rich navy, then compliment with Resene Inside Back, soft mid-grey, offset accents of Resene Triple Black White – a clean, modern white. Finish the room with layers of homeware accessories in dark, moody tones, and deep metallics.

If you want to achieve ‘the look’ shown, see below:

Light & Airy Room:

Furniture Pieces:

1. La-Z-Boy Sorrento Push back chair / 2. La-Z-Boy Retro sideboard


1. Pendant by Surrounding / 2. Art print by Print by George / 3. Clock by Country Road / 4. Lamp from Beacon Lighting / 5. Rug from Arthide

Dark & Moody Room:

Furniture Pieces:

1. La-Z-Boy Westbury chair & footstool / 2. La-Z-Boy Retro sideboard


1. Pendant by Beacon Lighting / 2. Green cushion by Target / 3. Rug by Armadillo / 4. Lamp by Design Stuff / 6. Art by Endemic world / 7. Patterned cushion by Art Club Concept

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