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Urbis Design Day – Exploring trends, creativity and originality in design

On Saturday, some of the team from La-Z-Boy attended the Urbis Design Day, which was held at a number of different locations around the Auckland CBD in New Zealand. The Urbis Design Day celebrated design and original thinking, and was hosted by Urbis magazine*. The premise of the day was to provide inspiration through the collaboration of various showrooms and designers. Beautiful objects and spaces were transformed into enviable exhibits of design and creativity and we were excited by what we saw!

Reference to color & texture: Colour and texture were two themes that shone throughout the day. Colour can revolutionize your home by setting the tone of a room and Resene showcased how influential combinations of color can be. Inspiration for their latest palette was derived from the Dawn, Daylight and Dusk of the Auckland night sky.

The beautiful Macaron Meadow display at Delonghi

The beautiful ‘Macaron Meadow’ display at Delonghi.

Color was referred to in a more emotive way in the Delonghi showroom, where a simply stunning ‘macaron meadow’ was showcased (participants could pick a ‘macaron flower’ and the colour chosen translated into what their mood was for the day’).

Texture was just a prominent, in everything from fabric selection to light fittings, highlighting how ‘on-trend’ the use of texture is at the moment.

Texture was evident in these two gorgeous pendant lights.




Sophisticated comfort & creative movement: The marriage between sleek elegant design with comfort & functionality was strong. Product development continues to evolve, which Blum demonstrated with their new storage solutions. Fluidity in the movement of their drawer systems, was matched with sophisticated design and this theme carried through to furniture design by other retailers. La-Z-Boy was founded on this philosophy, with the recliner evolving to suit the needs and requirements of a changing environment and customer need.

La-Z-Boy Odense shell chair -

La-Z-Boy Nordic Odense shell chair

Designs similar to our La-Z-Boy Nordic with matching ottoman were peppered throughout the day. Click here to view.


The stunning Autex sustainable pendant light. Not only made from plastic bottles, but has a dual purpose of sound reverberation absorption.

Sustainable creativity: The increasing importance of sustainability has undoubtedly strengthened, as the effects of climate change becomes more prevalent. What has emerged as a result is innovation and creative design within interior design. Companies like Inzide are linking design with sustainability by creating carpet made with fishing nets rescued from the seas of Asia or Autex who are creating lampshades and acoustic solutions from plastic bottles (the added benefit is the dual function of achieving premium sound and reverberation absorption).

People are definitely more interested in the environment and it is something that will be increasingly important to individuals in their choice of products for their home in the future.

So will leave you with the words of Fly (a creative agency who partnered with the car brand Mini on the day):

‘An invite to the inventors, the thinkers and tinkerers, who bend what others see as a straight line, who say no, when others say fine. Who break outside the grid, to find out what has been hid. Come, get your hands in the wet, find yourself in the set’

Don’t be afraid to explore your creativity and explore colour, texture and movement with space and objects in your home – you may be pleasantly surprised with how collaboration and original thinking will transpire to the look and feel of your home.

*The Urbis magazine is designed for people who appreciate stylish interiors, objects of design as well as interesting individual, places and events.

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