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Occasional Furniture Trends

Occasional tables have always been something that people need
but which they don’t really expect to make a style statement. In
the past, these tables may have been bought in traditional nests
with one table sitting neatly on top of the next ,and this has
always been a practical solution. The tables are only used on

However, 2013 has seen some pretty innovative styles. With
people wanting interior furniture to make a bit more of a statement
about who they are, the table designs today can do just that, even
if they are only used on the occasion when needed.

It doesn’t have to be dull. There is a way to infuse some fresh
tropical style into your décor and this tropical trend is
EVERYWHERE you just have to know where to look and how to do it
right, and tastefully.

2013 trends in Home Furnishings are very exciting with a broad
assortment of accent colours and diverse looks that will get your
creative energy going. Mixing  transitional and relaxed looks
with one of a kind treasures and repurposed items is all the

Showcasing a more eclectic offering that looks like you have
spent years and travelled far to put your rooms together.
Sectionals continue to be a hit, and why not when there are so many
options to customize the perfect-size piece for your space and

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