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Leather Care

Leather is made to be used and enjoyed. If you have chosen the
correct leather for your use, you should enjoy it for many years
~if you care for it.


There are different types of leather used on lounge suites.
Corrected Grain, Semi Aniline & Aniline and
.These different leathers need to be looked after
differently and some need different products to care for them.

Corrected Grain.These are protected leather and
have a painted pigment surface with a embossing of a grain; the
colour is uniform over the hide and has a clear top finish to
provide a rub resistance to seal the pigment. These are the most
common leathers used in furniture and for most consumers, the most

Semi Aniline & Aniline. These leathers are
coloured with a transparent dye stuff. This means that you are able
to see the actual surface grain and markings.

Nubuck.  These leathers have a texture
similar to velvet. They have little or no production on the surface
but some times can have a waxed finish.

LIGHT CLEANING (All leather types)

Once a week wipe down with a clean, slightly damp, dye fast
cloth to remove dust and grime. Carefully vacuuming with a suitable
brush attachment is recommended for the removal of day-to-day dust,
crumbs and other minor debris. On Nubuck, brush the nap up in the
wear areas using the brush from your leather care Kit.

DEEP CLEANING (Corrected Grain only)

Once every 3-4 months give your leather a deep clean to remove
built up soiling and
perspiration from the grain of your leather.
Do one panel at a time as directed using the brush from your kit
to clean the grain and re-protect with the Leather conditioner/
Protector Cream.

Do not spray cleaner directly onto leather. Instead spray the
cleaner to Dampen a clean dye fast cloth (cotton towelling is ideal
for this) but do not saturate.

Rub the dampened cloth with cleaner, on one panel or 1sq m at a
time, keeping cloth damp with cleaner as required.
NOTE: Leave to dry naturally and thoroughly before using or
applying the Conditioner/Protector.

After deep cleaning, moisturise and protect your leather. This
keeps your leather soft, supple and conditioned for the flexing
required in upholstery. The protector components in these products
will provide excellent protection against soiling and spillages
making cleaning easier and giving a soft sheen to top coated

In normal circumstances this will keep your leather in pristine
condition. However these leathers can dry out requiring a
reapplication of the oils and waxes originally used. Some brands of
leather care product have a Colour/Toner in the Revitaliser pack
that will restore the suppleness and depth of colour to your

By cleaning and servicing as required you will extend the life
of both the leather and the finish. If you invested some care and
attention using your Leather Care System as directed, you can
DOUBLE the wear life of your leather suite. Light, frequent care
with approved products is not only recommended, it
is often a condition of the tanner’s warranty.

Do not mix with other brands. Before commencing any cleaning on
your upholstery leather always read the Care instructions

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